poem : panhandle
- panhandle -

another sticky morning mist_
so thick you could cut it with a knife
thousands of tiny points of light
fine droplets suspended in air,
all birthed from the dawn rain
- jd 7/15

poem : amor vincit omnia
~ amor vincit omnia ~
we know of faith, hope and charity
but the greatest of these is love ~
in all her variations_ our
dizzy dreams taking flight,
comfy silences, gentle moments,
terrifying tempests and smooth sailing.
the cymbals clash; the cello sobs
sweet melody ebbs and flows ...
we dance ~ fall in and out of step,
bruise each-others' toes, then
stumble upon the perfect tempo.
blessed are the lovers that find a way
with their own map .. of the impossibly tall
bushy green maze that love requires -
blind navigation with heart's compass
each false step, made truth.
every wrong turn, made right.
until we emerge, scratched and bleeding
perseverance tempered with truth_
the mystery solved, our definitions fixed
upon the same bright star ...
that guiding light that we first saw
streaking across the sky ..
-jd 7/27/15

rhe karma bums
they roll
place to place, crash 'til
time to move on..
ruthless wasted lives
raised by blind idealisms
chained by freedom
no firm foundation
huddled together in darkness
dull eyes dirty feet
all they own on their backs
stashed in a packed bedroll.

someone has a car ...
gas station baths, chips and cokes
washing clothes where they can
a parent's free food
a decent bed, stolen smokes,
trapped in self-inflicted shadows
they roll on...

sugar cane
i set down my knife
get me some water
i see my baby shimmer_
coming down that long row
moving through hot syrup
sweet, sweat-sticky
my honey lamb

poem : 1997 up on The Hill
there was this wild old hippy chick
in town that year _ yo i 'member her she was cray
drivin' that white car all over town just lookin'
she pay me to take my picture _ me and my cousin
in front of grandmama's house _ was ten dollars
just to stand there a couple minutes
oooo did grandmama come out and cuss her _
she wave that wood cane all around
little grey pigtail stuck out _ standing up
like that old bulldog chained up next door
she holler _ that white lady go whiter
put her camera away right off try to apologize
grandmama she ain't studyin' nobody payin'
her precious boys for a picture.
in memory of the quaint little fishing town that time forgot - jd

summer short poems
summer's heat births
fierce rhythmic pulsing_
relentless cicada song

fitful sticky sleep..
rumpled sheets and
perpetual gregorian chanting_
maddening mockery
of summer cicadas

poem: babylove
~ babylove ~
over the years, we
come to believe
we possess a deep
understanding of
the myriad ways of love,
until we plumb the ocean
of our heart, lose hold
of the depth-finder_
discover sweetest love,
our bottomless heart,
in the endless wonder
of tiny new

poem : for bb king ( may 15, 2015)
gather all the roses
build mountains out of music
the key to the highway
is in your pocket

poem in honor of b b king
mr. king introduced me to the blues.
lucille's stinging voice, as he stroked her neck
a dialog of familiars; a knowing dance for decades
so intimate it made me blush.
what did i know of pain? anguish so deep
it made you moan and cry .. sounds of
endless suffering: a broken heart, train done gone
a left-behind woman with a faithless man.
swelling emotion, powerful call and response
of a man and his resonant " female" .. his muse
who never let him down. i am forever grateful
god bless the king of the kings...
hallelujah, amen.

birthday poem for frederic 4/28/15
mon bon copain
let us evoke the corybant_
folie a deux dansant
in diaphanous pale silks
madly cavorting! eurhyrhmic!
blithe shadows as
crepuscular morning waits.

ris, chante, foie gras
on ne vit qu'une fois ...
mon coparcener de charlemagne
let us celebrate your day
with felicitations and
delightful confabulations.
'tween me and thee
ox jo-d


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