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poem: babylove
~ babylove ~
over the years, we
come to believe
we possess a deep
understanding of
the myriad ways of love,
until we plumb the ocean
of our heart, lose hold
of the depth-finder_
discover sweetest love,
our bottomless heart,
in the endless wonder
of tiny new

poem : for bb king ( may 15, 2015)
gather all the roses
build mountains out of music
the key to the highway
is in your pocket

poem in honor of b b king
mr. king introduced me to the blues.
lucille's stinging voice, as he stroked her neck
a dialog of familiars; a knowing dance for decades
so intimate it made me blush.
what did i know of pain? anguish so deep
it made you moan and cry .. sounds of
endless suffering: a broken heart, train done gone
a left-behind woman with a faithless man.
swelling emotion, powerful call and response
of a man and his resonant " female" .. his muse
who never let him down. i am forever grateful
god bless the king of the kings...
hallelujah, amen.

birthday poem for frederic 4/28/15
mon bon copain
let us evoke the corybant_
folie a deux dansant
in diaphanous pale silks
madly cavorting! eurhyrhmic!
blithe shadows as
crepuscular morning waits.

ris, chante, foie gras
on ne vit qu'une fois ...
mon coparcener de charlemagne
let us celebrate your day
with felicitations and
delightful confabulations.
'tween me and thee
ox jo-d

haiku: various old works - saved
even shreds of flesh
can be found clinging
to barest bones

two black bumble-flies
a deafening biplane
buzzing the kitchen

from deep woods
pileated wodpecker's
loud manic racket

three oblivious mallards
waddling mid-road_
morning constitutional

long tar patch, moving
swift across the road_
blacksnake illusion

my mother, un-mothered
learned all the tricks from her nanny
a brusque czech woman, never married,
perennial hanky always up her sweater sleeve
my mother soaked her hairbrush in ammonia
my mother put mentholatum up her nose
constantly...a gross embarrassment
my mother cleaned the tub
with a sprinkle of comet,
flipping the dishrag around
as if holding a dead fish
a task she detested quickly done
with no obvious results.

my mother caught a man with me
seeking a daddy for herself, she
failed to realize that baby makes three.
her brief flush of attention faded fast
then vanished with my birth.
a babe with a babe to care for,
a daddy kind to his young daughter
childish envy soured her milk and her marriage,
her life forever seeking that baby-love .. total
bliss that she could have no more. a woman grown
- as she appeared - her needs unfulfilled
by everyman ... try try again.

i have two siblings i have never met;
her failed machinations - lessons unlearned
constant craving created other children,
given away through proper channels
in the guise of lingering appendicitis,
at a time when unmarried remained
unsullied .. condemned women with
their profane bastards concealed
the gossip-mongers silent.. etiquette's
balance re-gained... yet

i am another un-mothered child.
my father loved me, but left her-
facts children cannot begin to fully
comprehend; a tragic misunderstanding
on twisted pathways post-divorce.
in myriad ways, i sought love -
unavailable - conditional
disasters that marred my heart.
worthless, an unperson to
gratify selfish needs without
expressing my own suffering -
the only way i knew to love
fulfilled by low expectations
and a child's blind trust.

i am mother to myself
i flip the washcloth 'round the tub.
in my inadequate housework, find no compunctions.
i read and read, and write and write
as i please. i care for myself in better ways,
this eccentric life fits like an old slipper
and convention is just a word i rarely consider
in my laughing life. self-love renewed, proven
evidence of a silk ear from a sow's purse
shining in life's Light.

easter moon
selene draws her veil.
her silvered glow
fading in the west
chased by a bright star_
quickly as brief dawn
breaks this new day

haiku ( spring)
myriad spring greens
pale-gold aura
sunrise palette

poem : untitled
cedar waxwings flock to strip
crimson holly berries from the tree
huge clouds of blackbirds, arrive
in free-form flight northward,
their fascinating undulations.
tea olive's tiny blooms' perfume.
fat robins feeding in the yard -
cheery chirps as they listen,
heads cocked, for awakening worms.
brave crocus, fragrant narcissus
fresh color brightens winter's dull aspect..
following fast, pale green shoots will
test the warming air...

elderberry syrup > colds flu congestion ( boosts immune system )
Elderberry Syrup Recipe
Makes about 2½ cups

Note: Because this recipe contains honey, it should not be used in children under one.


1/2 cup dried or 1 cup fresh elderberries (find them here)
2 cups water
1 cup honey
1-2 tablespoons freshly grated ginger (optional)
1 cinnamon stick (optional)

1. Add water, elderberries and ginger/cinnamon (if you’re using them) to a pot and bring to a boil.

2. Reduce heat and simmer until liquid is reduced by half. This should take around 45 minutes.

3. Strain to remove berries. Allow liquid to cool to room temperature, then stir in honey.

4. Transfer elderberry syrup to a jar and store in the fridge.

Shelf life: In my house, a batch lasts an entire winter season

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